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The Little Dream Package

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The Little Dream Package

 Assessment, Phone Call & Email  


You can use this package as a follow up from the Dream call package


If this is your first package it will begin with an in-depth sleep questionnaire and sleep diary being sent prior to our call. I will require the forms to be returned at least 3 days prior to our call, I will then analyse the forms and together we will discuss my findings.

This is then followed with a call to discuss your questionnaire, we will identify the issues, and I will provide you with a variety of approaches before choosing which approach is best for you and your baby to help you achieve a better sleep for your little one.

Our phone call is then followed with a summary email of the approach you have chosen to implement.

*If you feel that you need further support, we can discuss adding on additional weekly text/ WhatsApp support, there is an additional charge for this.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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