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I contacted Dream a Little Dream Baby when my son was about 12 weeks old. He was always a very unsettled baby and needed to be fed or soothed to sleep multiple times throughout the night. Tianni was extremely knowledgeable and informative about where his sleep was going wrong and worked with me, providing a routine to follow, follwoing my sons feeding and sleeping cues and tips for helping him to learn to settle in his cot. My son now goes down into his cot awake and gets himself to sleep and we no longer have him waking after every sleep cycle! I would absolutely recommend Dream a Little Dream Baby to anyone who is struggling with their children's sleep or lack of it!
Gill & Rafferty 18 Weeks.
May 2022 
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I contacted Tianni at Dream a Little Dream Baby when my little boy was 5 months old, and I felt that I was in desperate need of some help. 


Otto would very rarely nap during the day, he would wake up every couple of hours in the evening, unable to settle himself and would often be wide awake from 4am. To say that I was sleep deprived and constantly on the edge would be an understatement. 


It was evident throughout the time that Tianni was working with me that she is extremely knowledgeable and very much focussed on what was best for Otto, as well as taking into consideration the things I still wanted to do, as his Mum. There were various follow up sessions where we reviewed any changes to Otto’s sleeping pattern and if there was something that wasn’t quite right, Tianni provided other personalised recommendations which would then work perfectly. I went from having a child who hardly napped and who would wake up every couple of hours, to having a child who now has a regular morning and afternoon nap and who is a lot more settled at night. We’ve even had some nights where he’s slept through until 6am! 


Not only is Otto now sleeping much better, myself and my partner are able to get a good night’s sleep which has had such a positive effect on our family. The work that Tianni has done with us has been instrumental to this happening. I would wholeheartedly recommend that any parent who is struggling with their child’s sleeping to get in touch with Tianni at Dream a Little Dream Baby. 

Ellie & Otto 8 1/2 Months.

June 2022.

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I reached out to Tianni for help when my daughter was 7 months old. My daughter refused to nap in the day and would only settle for myself and not her father or any of the other family members. This became very challenging for me as I also have a 2 year old and 9 year old that need my love and attention.

Tilly would refuse to sleep in the day and then not settle to sleep for bed until gone 10pm most nights! She would then wake a lot in the night and settle properly early hours in morning and then want to sleep in until 10am which didn't fit in with our busy family schedule.

Tianni was fantastic in building us a routine that not only suited Tilly but suited our whole family and for that I couldn't be more grateful. Tianni came up with lots of recommendations to get Tilly's father involved in sleep times and I'm glad to say she now 9 times out of 10 will settle for him which is a huge weight off my shoulders.

By time Tilly was 9 months her sleep improved dramatically and that's thanks to Tianni for keeping in regular contact throughout and tweaking a few things to fit in with the family when needed and with Tilly's change in routine as she got a little bit older.

Fast forward a few months and we now have a happy, thriving one year old who has regular naps and sleeps through the night only needing to be settled once sometimes not at all. Tilly has just had her 1 year check and even the health visitors were astounded at how well Tilly now sleeps after we previously told them how hard naps and sleeps could be.


I would highly recommend anybody who is finding their child's sleep and routine challenging to get in contact with Tianni at Dream a little dream baby she has changed mine and my family's life and we can't thank her enough.

Stacey & Tilly 1 Year.

August 2022.


Tianni came into my life at the perfect time, after having a traumatic birth with my first son during the 2020 pandemic I was extremely apprehensive for the arrival of my second son. Tianni helped me two days a week for 24 hours and one night for 14 weeks, giving me support throughout the night so I could catch up on sleep between feeds.

 Tianni oozes warmth, compassion and importantly authority when it comes to guiding you with your newborn. I instantly felt relaxed with her and she became a part of our family overnight. Both boys took an instant shine to her, and I was able to leave either one in her sole care, enabling me to give both boys important 1-1 time, which was invaluable to me.


On Tianni’s first day when my son was 4 days old, she drove us to a clinic in London for a tongue-tie division, during the procedure she was calm and reassuring, I couldn’t have done it without her support, she attended several appointments during her time with us.

Tianni navigated the first bath with my newborn, at 6 weeks I thought my son had reflux, but Tianni observed him and reassured me he wasn’t showing any signs of reflux. As my son got older by 6 weeks, Tianni helped establish a feeding and sleeping pattern following my sons feeding and sleeping cues, by the time he was 8 weeks old he had formed a 3-hour feeding pattern and 1.5-hour wake window between naps. Tianni created a guide only routine based on my sons feeding and sleeping cues for me to follow when she wasn’t with us, I continued to follow my sons feeding and sleeping cues in case some days they were different as Tianni explained at such a young age it’s important to feed on demand. At night-time Tianni helped create a pre bedtime routine, she would prepare all my pump equipment and sterilise all equipment too. I was able to pump at night, we introduced a bottle for the night-time feed, this was all new to me and it was very reassuring to be guided through the entire process.

Leaving your baby with somebody is a big deal but having someone like Tianni whom I trusted has been wonderful.

I highly recommend Tianni to anyone who needs a friendly, warm and loving addition to their family dynamic. She will walk in without hesitation, take control and give you a helping hand. We share many memories now such as my sons first bath time, first bottle, the smiles, first tummy time, it’s been special and I am sad to see her move on.


Warmest wishes,


Rhiannon & Theodore 14weeks.

September 2022.


I first reached out to Tianni at dream a little dream baby when Savannah was around 4 months old. She rarely self-settled and would always wake from her nap’s dead on 30 minutes.

Tianni was always on hand to help and answer any questions I had. Understanding Savannah’s sleepy cues and awake windows helped us as a family no end. Fast forward to now with the help from Tianni and she will happily go down in her cot and settle herself to sleep. She is no longer waking after 30 minutes and is linking her sleep cycles together, resulting in a well-rested happy baby and happy mummy!

I can’t thank Tianni enough for all her encouragement and help along the way, I think I would have gone insane without her help, I highly recommend her services!

Joanna & Savannah

December 2022

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